Coronavirus Business Update


In order to control outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) Connecticut’s Governor, Ned Lamont, has issued a “Stay Home, Stay Safe Order” effective Monday, 3/23 at 8PM. With this Order Non-Essential business in Connecticut are forced to remain closed. The Order provides for multiple exceptions of business types. As a company engaged in residential and commercial construction, Cyclone Home Systems is EXEMPT from this order due to the classification as an ESSENTIAL BUSINESS and will continue operations. We will be following Executive orders and adjusting operations as changes are announced. 

While Cyclone Home Systems installations services will remain Open for Business, our showroom and store will remain closed to walk in customers until further notice.  We have procedures in place to ship product directly to customers, and a drop off area for any needed repairs.  Please continue reading for additional information.

Cyclone is following all State and Federal govt. orders and recommendations in an attempt to continue vital operations, while making every effort to keep our customers and employees safe.  The following describes our current business operations and adjustments being made while we work through this unprecedented situation and take actions to minimize the potential for Employee exposure to the Coronavirus:

  • Any employees with flu-like symptoms are asked to stay home and consult with medical professionals.
  • Daily cleaning of offices.
  • Frequent hand washing.
  • Outside visits from Vendors are prohibited.
  • Staff are practicing Social Distancing and wearing face covering  within office and warehouse as directed by CT executive orders.
  • Where possible, staff have been mobilized to work remotely.
  • Our Technicians have been split into small groups, arriving and departing in 30 minute intervals, each morning to limit the chance of exposure. At end of day, technicians will be dropping paperwork at a single location near the door and leaving building immediately. 

Current status & adjustment to operations:

  • New Construction Operations: Other than social distancing and frequent hand washing, and use of gloves & masks, there will be no change in operations.
  • Residential Construction Operations: While we are continuing to install in residences that are currently inhabited, we are doing so on a case by case basis, and under strict social distancing requirements. When our technicians are in an occupied home, homeowners are required to keep a minimum of a 6ft distance from Cyclone Employees at all times.  Cyclone technicians will wear masks and sanitize hands before and after every visit.
  • Sales site visits: We will be delaying any in-person sales calls whenever possible. Sales questions, and review of projects will be done via telephone, video call,  or e-mail wherever possible. When visits are required for measuring or inspecting, our sales staff is required to follow the 6ft separation at all times, and will be equipped with masks. We ask that customers refrain from in-person questions at this time, and instead wait and make a phone call after the visit.
  • In-home service calls: Please call us with any service/warranty requests. We may ask that non-emergency service calls be delayed if possible. If we do come to a home for a service call our technicians will be practicing recommended safe distancing, and wearing masks  at all times.