Garage Cabinets

Custom Garage Cabinets

in style with our garage cabinets.

You’d love to hang out in your garage, but it’s also where your family stores their sports equipment or old keepsakes when they can’t find a good place for it in the house. You can never find anything when you need it because of all the clutter.

Your hand tools, yard tools, sports equipment, home improvement supplies, and everything else should all have its own place while still opening up your space.

Stylish cabinets aren’t just for your kitchen anymore! Our attractive, custom garage cabinets can utilize every inch of your space. Not to mention, they look awesome too! We offer extensive durable MDF powder coat finish colors and variety of countertop choices to keep your garage organized with style.

Fight off water damage with a moisture-resistant finish.

You know garages are more susceptible to moisture than any other area of your home, which can prematurely decay other types of storage solutions. We’ll fit your cabinets with a moisture resistant finish to ensure your investment holds up for years to come.

Off-The-Floor Design.

Your garage gathers a lot of dirt and debris from all the coming and going throughout the day. With a raised design, you can easily sweep under your custom garage cabinets without sweeping around support legs and keep your floors sparkling!


We’re so confident in the strength of our cabinets, we’ll give you a limited lifetime warranty so you don’t have to worry about materials delaminating or the edge trim coming off your doors. These cabinets are designed to hold up, even in high traffic garages. Whether you spend every free moment in your garage working on the car or your family travels through it constantly, your lifestyle won’t put a dent in these durable cabinets.

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Powder Coat & Melamine Colors

Make a statement with a wide selection of bold colors that match your personal tastes.

Choose From Several Durable and Attractive Countertops