Patented Protective Coating That Makes Cleaning Surfaces Much Easier

Cyclone Home Systems  is a certified licensee for Diamon-Fusion International (DFI), the world’s leader in surface protection coatings. Diamon-Fusion® is a patented nanotechnology process that protects glass surfaces and reduces cleaning time.

Let’s face it, the world can be a messy place. So, why clean more if you don’t have to? Just like the benefits of a non-stick cooking pan, Diamon-Fusion® is a protective coating, which makes cleaning surfaces much, much easier than non-treated surfaces. From hard water stains and calcium deposits, to environmental elements and even graffiti, fewer contaminants stick to surfaces treated with Diamon-Fusion® and are easier to remove when they do stick.

The highest quality protective coating on the market today, patented Diamon-Fusion® is DFI’s flagship coating with over 18 years of market-proven performance. The world-class coating makes surfaces, such as glass, granite, tile, porcelain, quartz and any other silica-based surface easier to clean, increases brilliance, protects and creates a more hygienic surface, while eliminating the need for harsh and harmful cleaning chemicals.  It also makes surfaces more scratch and impact resistant. By reducing cleaning by up to 90% and improving the appearance of the surface, Diamon-Fusion® makes your life easier and more beautiful.*

Diamon-Fusion® can be applied by a trained professional wherever there is a need in homes, commercial buildings, on windshields, solar panels, countertops and more. Diamon-Fusion® forms a covalent bond, creating an ultra-thin, clear protective layer which makes the surface significantly easier to clean and more resistant to soap scum, bacteria, dirt, grime, weathering and more. 

*It is important to note that Diamon-Fusion will not guarantee to stop water spots, or etching of shower glass. While Diamond-Fusion will make cleaning significantly easier, only proper cleaning & drying will prevent marking in some situations, especially when hard water and soap products are left to dry on glass.

Please see “Frequently Asked Questions” for care tips and warranty information 

Surfaces treated with Diamon-Fusion® protect:


  • Shower enclosures
  • Residential glass (windows, glass railings, art glass…)
  • Commercial glass
  • Windshields (autos, RVs, commercial)
  • Solar panels
  • Marine vessels and more

With proper preparation, Diamon-Fusion® can be applied to surfaces that have already been installed .