freedomRail® Garage

The Truly Adjustable Storage System.

25% of Americans say they cannot fit their car in the garage. Clear out the clutter and maximize space with adjustable garage storage. Find solutions that will make your garage the envy of all the neighbors.


      Organized Living has thought of every part of your home. freedomRail combines tough cabinetry, shelving, work tops and a wide array of accessories to keep everything dry and off the floor.


      We coat freedomRail shelves in a maintenancefree epoxy to stand up to the heaviest daily use. Work tops, GoBoxes, and free-standing cabinets are scratch, stain, and water-resistant providing protection from rough garage conditions.


      freedomRail’s truly adjustable components make it the most versatile garage storage system available. Move shelves and accessories up, down, left or right as your needs change.

    • STRONG.

      freedomRail’s Garage goes up fast and stays up for a lifetime, thanks to Organized Living’s patented hardare.


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