Cyclone Home Systems proudly offers safe and effective security systems designed to meet the needs of any home. Whether it’s a comprehensive wired system, or a wireless system, Cyclone has an option that will fit your requirements and budget. Do you want to incorporate automated controls of lights, door locks, thermostats and much, much more into your system? No problem, we have a perfect system for every situation. With the additional monitoring service, camera systems, driveway chimes and many other options Cyclone offers, we are your complete source for home security needs. Visit our microsite to learn more about smart home controls available on most of our security systems.



Cyclone Home Systems installs PowerSeries Neo –
The Next Generation in Security Systems

PowerSeries Neo captures the flexibility of a modular, hardwired system with the simplicity of a wide range of wireless devices and peripherals, resulting in a ground-breakingly comprehensive and versatile hybrid system suited for small business structures through to large-scale commercial applications.

A fully wired system offers the convenience and cost savings of no batteries to change. When a home is in the construction stage this is usually the recommended install option.  In many cases Cyclone can also retro-fit wire a fully built home, or offer a hybrid wired/wireless system that fits your specific needs. Weather new construction or retrofit, Cyclone can hard wire the main components such as Keypads, Life Safety Devices, and Sirens, while utilizing industry leading PowerG wireless contacts for perimeter intrusion protection. This will eliminate the need to drill out doors and windows to accommodate wiring. 

Click here to learn why Cyclone Home Systems only installs DSC NEO four our customers hardwired and hybrid systems.

Click here to download the DSC Neo user manual

PowerG – The power of wires, without the wires

Cut out the wires and plug in peace of mind with PowerG, the leading wireless security technology for today’s homes and businesses. PowerG offers all the benefits of traditional wired security, without the hassles and vulnerabilities of wires. It makes end-users’ lives more secure and convenient, and your work more profitable.

Ultra-reliable, two-way 128-bit AES encrypted communication and iron-clad protection that blocks interference deliver unparalleled cyber protection – ensuring reliable performance with minimum false alarms.

Long-range wireless transmission enables easy and quick wire-free and repeater-free installations, and adaptive transmission stretches time between battery changes.

When combined with an account our wired systems can be controlled remotely and incorporate many home automation options. Learn more abut



The most powerful security and smarthome platform gets Dual SRF, featuring PowerG

Our wireless security system by Qolsys is an all-in-one system contained in a single attractive panel.

The IQ Panel 4 includes 7” HD touchscreen, a built-in 8MP camera and an exclusive feature: Dual SRF featuring PowerG, the best wireless sensor protocol available.  PowerG has 4x the range of traditional wireless, military grade 2-way encryption, automatic signal adjustment to improve battery life and ensure a reliable connection, and interference circumvention to ensure your signals never get blocked by other wireless protocols.

In addition to PowerG compatibility each IQ Panel 4 includes a special daughter card for backwards compatibility with one of three different legacy wireless frequencies: 319.5 MHz (Qolsys S-Line, GE/Interlogix), 345 MHz (Honeywell/Ademco, 2GIG), or 433 MHz (DSC) to allow you to re-use your existing RF wireless sensors without requiring an expensive translator.

The IQ Panel 4 also includes powerful features such as Live View, Live Answer, Bluetooth Touchless Disarming, LTE & Wi-Fi Dual Path Connectivity and more.

Pair Z-wave devices with your IQ Panel to create the ultimate smarthome experience. Turn IQ lightbulbs on or off, activate your security system, lock and unlock doors, or adjust your IQ Thermostat.  With, control your entire system from your smartphone, tablet, or PC, and receive alerts when your system detects trouble.  Learn More About

Cyclone can also “take over” and older wired system, utilizing the existing wired contacts, while bringing the older system up to date with the latest security and home automation technology. Our wireless panels can be placed virtually anywhere, utilizing the table top stand, or wall mounted like a traditional keypad.



A basic system we install is a primarily motion detector system. It consists of door contacts on all entry level and basement doors, motions placed strategically throughout the first floor and basement, two keypads (one in the mud room and one in the master bedroom), as well as an interior siren. This system is designed for basic protection from intruders. Any additional options can be easily added to the system.



A step up from the motion detector system is the full perimeter option, which has contacts on all entry-level doors and on each first floor and basement window. Two keypads (one in the mud room and one in the master bedroom), as well as an interior siren are included. Motion detectors can also be integrated into a full perimeter system for added protection from intruders. Additional options can easily be added to the system.



Local codes require homes to have smoke detectors in the main foyer, the second floor hall, in each bedroom and in the basement. These smoke detector provide audible alert to occupants when there is a fire in your home, however these smoke detectors cannot be incorporated into a security system. Cyclone’s smoke & carbon monoxide detectors are integrated into your security system to help protect your home when you are away, and notify emergency services automatically when smoke is detected. Cyclone can also install heat detectors in attics, mechanical rooms and garages for additional protection.  Cyclones monitored smoke and carbon monoxide detectors provide the highest level of protection for your home and family.



Cyclone can also install and configure a security camera system for your home.   A single camera could show guests entering your driveway, or  multiple cameras throughout your home and property  can be configured to be viewed on a television or live-streamed  remotely to via computer or smartphone app.  Alarm/motion triggered events or continuous video can be recorded onto local DVR/NVR  or to a cloud based server for review.



There are numerous options when it comes to additional accessories for our security systems.

Want a motion system, but have a dog that stays inside all day?

We have motion detectors for homes with pets up to 80 lbs.

Want a full perimeter system but have two walls of picture windows that cannot be contacted?
We have glass break detectors to cover those windows to which contacts cannot be added.

Want full perimeter protection, but like to keep your windows open?
We can coat window screens to set off the system if they are cut.

Live near the water and worry about flooding?

We can install a water bug in the basement to detect water.

Call our office at 860-829-0600 to speak with a sales rep for more information on available security system options.



All Cyclone Security Systems  can be monitored by utilizing our 24/7 monitoring service. With a monitored security system, if an alarm event occurs, a live operator will call the house and then dispatch the authorities when necessary. Most of our systems are monitored over a cell phone line insuring uninterrupted coverage in the case of a cut phone line or network issue with a VOIP line. Monitoring personnel keep in constant contact with Cyclone Home Systems and alert us of all signals they receive.

An added benefit of having your security system monitored are the panic buttons located on each keypads. These buttons can easily be tripped simply by holding them down to send a signal to the appropriate authorities- fire, police, or medical.

The system also has a built in duress code. Should you ever be followed into your home by an intruder, you can enter this duress code which looks to the intruder like you have disarmed the system. In reality, monitoring personal have dispatched the authorities and they will be on their way to your home immediately.

In addition, Cyclone’s 24-hour emergency cell phone line provides our security customers with around the clock support and service by one of our own licensed technicians.

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